Maze Island

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Maze Island is a recurring geolithic labyrinth in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Appearances and Features

The Adventure of Link

Maze Island is a rather large island in the Far Eastern Sea in Eastern Hyrule that, as its name suggests, is a natural labyrinth. Narrow passageways formed by impassable rock walls, rivers with sparse bridges, and hidden pitfalls make travelling on this island both dangerous and time-consuming. Maze Island's single landmark is the Maze Island Palace, which Link visits during his quest to wake the sleeping Princess Zelda.

The Child from the Darunia Town can be found here on the east side of the island, while a hidden Magic Container rests in the west.

Minor Enemies

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, Maze Island can be found in the northern section of the Northeastern Sea; it is initially unmarked. The entire island is taken up by the Treasure Maze Mini-Game, which has three increasingly difficult levels: Beginner, Normal, and Expert. Link is required to strike all the Boing Statues that appear once the maze opens, then collect the prize from a Treasure Chest, to complete each level. Completing the Beginner difficulty gets Link a Wisdom Gem, and finishing the Normal difficulty nets him a Treasure Map. Only by completing Expert will the island relinquish its Heart Container.

There is also a Wisdom Gem inside a Chest accessible by bombing a wall, as well as three Big Green Rupees hidden under the ground.


  Names in Other Regions  
メイズ島 (Meizu Shima) (PH)[4] 
迷宫岛 (Mí gōng dǎo) (TAoL)[8]Same as English.
Ile Dédale (PH) 
  • Île du Labyrinthe (TAoL)[6]
  • Ile Dédale (PH)[7]
Labyrinthinsel (PH)[5] 
  • Isola Labirinto (TAoL)[3]
  • Isola Dedalo (PH)[2]
  • Maze Island
Isla del Laberinto (PH)[9] 
Isla del Laberinto (PH) 
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