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Force Gem 19 is an Item in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Location and Uses

Force Gem 19 is an optional Force Gem that can be obtained after Link completes the Sand Temple and obtains Force Gem 18, which unlocks the Dark Ore Mine. If Link is able to deliver at least five pieces of Dark Ore to Linebeck III at the Trading Post, then Linebeck will thank the young engineer by producing Force Gem 19.[2][3]

The Spirit Tracks created by Force Gem 19

As Dark Ore disintegrates when exposed to sunlight,[4] the quickest way for Link to deliver it is to travel through the tunnel on the east side of the Fire Realm, where a large Rocktite and its small children lay in wait. If Link escapes the tunnel with enough Dark Ore remaining, he should then pass through Warp Gate H in the Sand Realm, followed by Warp Gate G in the Ocean Realm, to emerge near the Trading Post.

Force Gem 19 creates a new section of Spirit Tracks that loop around the island in the southeast corner of the Ocean Realm. These new tracks allow access to the Lost at Sea Station as well as Ocean Rabbit 10.


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