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The Fortified Zone is a Level in Tri Force Heroes.[1] It is the fifth proper Level of the Den of Trials, preceded by the Frozen Zone and followed by the Desert Zone.

Features and Overview

Items Materials
Gust Jar or or
Bomb or or

The Fortified Zone comprises Floors B21 to B25 of the Den of Trials, and it is based on the scenery and Enemies of the Fortress Area of the Drablands. It is initially unlocked and accessed by completing the prior Frozen Zone; if all three Links have already unlocked the Fortified Zone, they can access it directly by standing on the fifth Triforce Gateway in the Den's hub Level.

Each Floor of the Fortified Zone is an octagonal platform with a solid stone ground, and several ledges along each of the non-diagonal edges that act as walls. The Links first appear in the south corner, and a Triforce Gateway appears in the north corner once all Enemies on the Floor are defeated. On Floor B21, the Links are provided with a Gust Jar, Bombs, and a Bow; four Arrow Traps on the ledges will automatically start firing Arrows once the Links select their Items. The Floor contains four unlit Torches sitting in the Arrows' paths, and two lit Torches in front of the northern and southern Arrow Traps, which quickly causes a chain reaction leading to a flurry of Fire Arrows across the stage. This trap can be avoided if the Link wielding the Gust Jar extinguishes the two lit Torches before all Links select their Items, though the Torches will reignite after one minute.

Floor B22 has five Mini-Margos that spin around the stage; two stacks of two Mini-Margos spin in a clockwise circle near the Floor's edges, momentarily stopping at the north and south corners, while the fifth Mini-Margo spins non-stop in a smaller, counter-clockwise circle. In the center of the Floor are two Bomb Flowers and a dark Keeleon hovering around, which spews black fireballs that curse the Links on contact. This Keeleon is at a height of two Links, requiring the heroes to form a Totem or throw Bombs to attack it. When either the Keeleon, or the four outer Mini-Margos, or the single inner Mini-Margo is defeated, a second dark Keeleon appears at a greater height.

Floor B23 begins with a Beamos on a pedestal in the center of the Floor, and the four dark Hinox standing on the ledges around the Floor's perimeter. The Hinox can easily be knocked off of the stage with a single hit, but if the Beamos and both Gimos are defeated first, then the dark Hinox will drop to the ground and begin giving chase to the Links. Floor B24 features two waves of dark Sky Soldiers, which have strong defenses and will chase the Links aggressively. They are perhaps most easily dispatched by luring them toward one of the Links, while another uses the Gust Jar from the side or the rear to blow them off of the stage.

Floor B25 is a safe room with three large Treasure Chests and a Squiddy for regaining Hearts. Two of the Chests contain the same random, bronze-rarity Material from the Fortress (Stiff Puffs, Silver Threads or Royal Rings) and the other contains a random, silver-rarity Material (Antique Coin, Fancy Fabric or Exquisite Lace). Once the Chests are opened, the Links' progress is Saved; the Triforce Gateway leading to the Desert Zone and a small Treasure Chest containing an extra Fairy then appear.

Enemies and Traps

Floor B21
  1. Rides on a Totem Armos.
  2. Ridden by a Spear Throwing Soldier.
Floor B22
  1. Second dark Keeleon appears when the first dark Keeleon, or the four stacked Mini-Margos, or the solo Mini-Margo is defeated.
  2. Two stacks of two, one solo.
Floor B23
  1. Rides on three Totem Armos.
  2. All ridden by a Spear Throwing Soldier.
Floor B24 (first wave)
  1. One rides on a dark Totem Armos.
  2. Ridden by a dark Sky Spear Soldier.
Floor B24 (second wave)
  1. Each rides on two dark Totem Armos.
  2. Rides on a dark Totem Armos.
  3. All ridden by Enemies.
Floor B25


Names in Other Regions
砦の洞 (Toride no Hora)[3]
Zone fortifiée[8]
The French Republic
Zone fortifiée[5]
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Antro fortificato[2]
The Republic of Korea
요새의 동굴 (Yosae-ui Dong-gul)[6]
Latin America
Zona fortificada[7]
The Kingdom of Spain
Gruta fortificada[9]
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