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Muddle Buds are Items in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]

Location and Uses

Muddle Buds are a type of Flower that can be found throughout the Depths. They can be manipulated with the Ultrahand and Fuse Ancient Powers. When thrown, struck by a Weapon, Enemy, or Object, shot by an Arrow, or Fused to a Weapon, Shield, catches on fire or fired Arrow, they burst into a large cloud of purple powder, which will cause nearby Enemies to become hostile to one another. If only one Enemy is present in the immediate vicinity, it will attack Link instead. The purple powder is harmful to Link, dealing a minor knock back effect and a quarter Heart of damage.

Muddle Buds do not attract Lightning nor conduct Electricity. When Fused to a Weapon or Shield, a Muddle Bud will be consumed after only one use unless it is Fused to a Weapon that is part of the Korok Gear, in which case it can be used continuously.

Addison may give Link a Muddle Bud as a random reward for helping him stand up one of his Signboards.


Names in Other Regions
Latin America
Flor aturdidora[2]Stun flower
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    A wildflower with a powerful odor that can disorient and confuse, making it difficult to tell friend from foe.
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