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Postboxes,(MM | MM3D | TWW | TWWHD | TMC | ST)[1][2][3][4] also known as Mailboxes,(MM | MM3D | PH)[5][6] are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series. They are sentient, talking objects with mail slots for mouths. They are the touchpoints of the Mail Delivery services, accepting Letter deposits and holding Link's incoming mail. They wiggle when they have mail for Link.[note 1]

Postboxes are red in color and usually bear the Mail Delivery insignia on their front.

Locations and Uses

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Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Link can find Postboxes scattered around Clock Town: there are two Postboxes in South Clock Town, two in East Clock Town, and one in North Clock Town. He can use any of them to send the Letter to Kafei. If Link attempts to deposit the Priority Mail, the Postbox will direct Link to the Post Office.[9]

If Link speaks to a Postbox while wearing the Postman's Hat, the Postbox reports that an item other than a letter was deposited. Link gets a Piece of Heart the first time he checks a Postbox, and single Green Rupees thereafter.

The Wind Waker

Main article: Island Postal Service

In The Wind Waker, Link also can use Postboxes to send letters, but this time he needs to pay Rupees to get it sent. The price to pay is higher the farther he is from Dragon Roost Island, and cheaper the closer. Link can also receive letters from wiggling Postboxes. Link can receive different items from Postboxes, such as Pieces of Heart, Rupees, and Charts. The IN-credible Chart is sent Cash-On-Delivery and costs 201 Rupees.[10] Strangely, Baito sends 20 Rupees as a Cash-On-Delivery parcel that costs 10 Rupees.[11]

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, a decorative Postbox adorns the roof of the Post Office. It cannot be interacted with as the roof is inaccessible.[note 2]

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, approaching a wiggling Mailbox causes the Postman to fly in and stand on it.[note 3] He proceeds to read Link's letter aloud rather than actually delivering it to him. Link first meets the Postman standing on the Mailbox on Molida Island.

Link can send Prize Postcards in the mail to participate in a drawing contest. At midnight,[note 4] Link receives a letter in the Mailbox with the results of the contest. Perversely, he gets a Ship Part for losing,[citation needed] but for winning gets nothing at all.[12]

Spirit Tracks

Mailboxes in Spirit Tracks wiggle when new mail arrives. The Postman delivers any letter to Link.


  • The decorative Postbox in The Minish Cap has an unused wiggle animation.[13] The game also has unused text for a Postbox Figurine. Its description states that the Postbox could participate in Kinstone Fusion and suggests a person is hiding inside it.[14]
  • The description of Mailboxes in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass—Prima Official Game Guide by Prima Games falsely states that Link must tap on a Mailbox for the Postman to appear.[8] The mistake is repeated in the Spirit Tracks guide which copies the paragraph almost word-for-word, changing only the word "mailbox" to "postbox".[4] As a result, the Spirit Tracks guide states that the Postman "flutters in," though the Postman in Spirit Tracks has no wings.


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  1. The wiggling Postbox concept is absent from Majora's Mask and Majora's Mask 3D. It was introduced in The Wind Waker and has remained ever since.[7][8][4]
  2. The development team for The Minish Cap originally had other intentions for the Postbox. See Trivia.
  3. Contrarily to what is stated in the guides by Prima Games, Postboxes in the Nintendo DS games are activated simply by approaching them, not necessarily by tapping them. See Trivia.
  4. According to the Nintendo 3DS clock.


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