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The Digging Game is a recurring Mini-Game in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed]

Location and Rules

Village of Outcast Digging Game

Held by the Digging Game Keeper, the first appearance of the Digging Game is south of the Village of Outcasts in A Link to the Past. The price to play is 80 Rupees, with the main prize being a Piece of Heart; however, Link can find Rupees and stock items as well. The Piece of Heart is not in a set location, but has a small chance to appear after 25 digs (20 in the European version).

Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour

In Ocarina of Time, the Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour is played by Link in the Kakariko Village Graveyard as a child. It is only available from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.[1] Dampé will dig upon any plot of dirt along his route through the Graveyard when asked by the young hero, charging 10 Rupees per dig.[2] Prizes include Rupees and a Piece of Heart, although sometimes there may be nothing to uncover upon digging.[3] When Link is an Adult, the Tour is closed due to Dampe's death and the Sign reads "Closed until a new gravekeeper can be found".

Harrow Island

Main article: Harrow Island

Phantom Hourglass's Harrow Island allows Link to dig ten Treasures for a fee of 50 Rupees. Rupees, Rupoors, Treasure Maps, and Lucky Lee are commonly found. Once ten treasures have been dug up, the Boing Statue on the island asks Link to leave. If Link continues to dig, it will warn him to stop digging. If Link digs a couple more times, he will be fined 100 Rupees. If he digs again after that, he will lose all of his Rupees. If he still does not stop, he will be banned from the Digging Game. Link must pay three hundred Rupees to be allowed to play again.

Thrill Digger

Main article: Thrill Digger

Thrill Digger is a minigame in Skyward Sword located in Eldin Volcano. It is run by a Mogma named Tubert.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
穴掘り屋 (Anahori-ya)[5]Digging Shop
The Italian Republic
Campo dei tesori[4]Field of treasures
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