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Stal Skulls,(TFH)[1] also known as Stalfos Skulls,(ST)[1] are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Spirit Tracks

Stalfos Skulls are a common item of Treasure. They can be found inside Jars, Treasure Chests, or under piles of leaves. They are also occasionally dropped by Stalfos and Stalfos Warriors upon defeat. Like most Treasures, Link can also buy them from certain Shops, or win them with a Prize Postcard.

Link can sell Stalfos Skulls to the Linebeck Trading Company for 50 Rupees each, or trade them (along with other Treasures) for the following Train Cars:

Train CarCost

Tri Force Heroes

Stal Skulls are silver-rarity Materials awarded for completing the following Levels and Drablands Challenges of The Dunes:

  • Infinity Dunes, "Fewer Heart Containers!": one Stal Skull
  • Stone Corridors, "Evade the Wallmaster!": one Stal Skull
  • Gibdo Mausoleum, "Clear within the time limit!": one Stal Skull
  • Gibdo Mausoleum, "Only Bombs-no swords!": two Stal Skulls
  • Desert Temple, no challenge: one Stal Skull
  • Desert Temple, "Don't pop any balloons!": two Stal Skulls

They can also be won in the Coliseum and Daily Riches, or purchased from the Street Merchant for 1,000 Rupees each.

Stal Skulls are one of the Materials used to make the Dunewalker Duds, Linebeck's Uniform and Ninja Gi Outfits.[1]


Names in Other Regions
  • スタルのホネ (Sutaro no Hone) (ST)[4]
  • スタルスカル (Sutaru Sukaru) (TFH)[5]
  • Sutaru Skull
  • Crâne de Stalfos (ST)
  • Crâne de stalfos (TFH)
  • Stalfos Skull
The French Republic
  • Crâne de Stalfos (ST)[8]
  • Crâne de stalfos (TFH)[9]
  • Stalfos Skull
The Federal Republic of Germany
Stalfos-Kopf (ST | TFH)[6][7] 
The Italian Republic
  • Teschio Stalfos (ST)[3]
  • Teschio stalfos (TFH)[2]
Latin America
  • Cráneo de stalfos (ST)[11]
  • Cráneo tenebroso (TFH)[10]
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Cráneo de stalfos (ST)
  • Cráneo tenebroso (TFH)
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