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Materials are a recurring type of item in The Legend of Zelda series used in creating new items.[1][2][name references needed]

Location and Uses

Tri Force Heroes

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Magical Materials are used to craft various Outfits at Madame Couture's.

List of Magical Materials

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Breath of the Wild

Materials in Breath of the Wild can be found all throughout Hyrule, after defeating enemies, in Treasure Chests, or hunting for food. They cover a wide variety of items, and as such have a wide variety of uses. Materials can sometimes be eaten raw, but are best cooked together to create much more nourishing Food, that restore more hearts and have other positive effects. Each type of Material occupies its own slot. There is a maximum capacity of 999 Materials per slot.[3] Materials are also used to have the Great Fairies upgrade armor.

Materials can be sold for Rupees as well. The listed value is the price a merchant will pay Link for the item. Buying these items from most merchants will cost Link four times this value; Beedle will charge five times this value. Select materials may also be exchanged for Mon by Kilton.

List of Materials

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Tears of the Kingdom

Materials are used in a variety of ways. They are commonly dropped by Enemies but may also be found along the ground.

List of Materials

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Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Materials are similar to Spoils and Treasures in that each Material is a unique Item possessed by the Enemy that dropped it. Materials are dropped by nearly every Enemy type except Cuccos and infantry soldiers, and only when the Enemy does not drop a Weapon Bag. They come in three rarities, with at most two rarities of item for each enemy type. The most common are Bronze Materials, which are the only item drops for the basic infantry Captains. Silver Materials are dropped by unique Captains, Warriors, and Giant Bosses. Rare Gold Materials are dropped only by Warriors and Giant Bosses. Enemies can be influenced to drop their rarer Materials by using Weapons with the "Material+" Skill, by creating a special Mixture in the Apothecary, or by activating the reward while using Focus Spirit.

Materials are primarily used to craft Badges for the playable Warriors, with each Badge having its own recipe of specific Materials. Materials can also be used to brew one-use elixirs by consuming a set amount of any Material of a given rarity.

List of Materials

Enemy Materials
Enemy Bronze Silver
Metal Plate
Monster Tooth
Old Rag
Hylian Soldier
Soldier's Uniform
Aeralfos Leather
Round Aeralfos Shield
Fiery Aeralfos
Fiery Aeralfos Leather
Fiery Aeralfos Wing
Gibdo Bandage
Heavy Gibdo Sword
ReDead Knight
ReDead Bandage
ReDead Knight Ashes
Lizalfos Scale
Lizalfos Gauntlet
Dinolfos Fang
Dinolfos Arm Guard
Moblin Flank
Moblin Spear
Shield Moblin
Shield-Moblin Helmet
Metal Moblin Shield
Piece of Darknut Armor
Large Darknut Sword
Stalmaster Wrist Bone
Stalmaster's Skull
Big Poe
Big Poe Necklace
Big Poe's Lantern
Icy Big Poe
Essence of Icy Big Poe
Icy Big Poe's Talisman
Hylian Captain
Hylian Captain Gauntlet
Holy Hylian Shield
Goron Captain
Goron Armor Breastplate
Thick Goron Helmet
Boss Materials
Boss Silver Gold
Ganon's Mane
Ganon's Fang
King Dodongo
King Dodongo's Claws
King Dodongo's Crystal
Gohma's Acid
Gohma's Lens
Manhandla's Toxic Dust
Manhandla's Sapling
Argorok's Embers
Argorok's Stone
The Imprisoned
The Imprisoned's Scales
The Imprisoned's Pillar
Cia's Bracelet
Cia's Staff
Volga's Helmet
Volga's Dragon Spear
Wizzro's Robe
Wizzro's Ring
Young Link
Link's Boots
Link's Scarf
Lana's Hair Clip
Lana's Cloak
Zelda's Brooch
Zelda's Tiara
Impa's Hair Band
Impa's Breastplate
Ganondorf's Gauntlet
Ganondorf's Jewel
Sheik's Kunai
Sheik's Turban
Darunia's Spikes
Darunia's Bracelet
Ruto's Earrings
Ruto's Scale
Agitha's Basket
Agitha's Pendant
Twili Midna
Midna's Hair
Midna's Fused Shadow
Fi's Heels
Fi's Crystal
Ghirahim's Sash
Ghirahim's Cape
Zant's Magic Gem
Zant's Helmet

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Materials in Hyrule Warriors Legends are primarily the same as those in Hyrule Warriors, with the addition of new Materials for Warriors who did not yield any in Hyrule Warriors, as well as for monsters and Warriors who exist exclusively in Hyrule Warriors Legends. Certain Warriors, such as Young Link and Twili Midna, also received their own set of Materials apart from their counterparts.

List of Materials

Enemy Materials
Enemy Bronze Silver
Miniblin Captain
Monster Horn
Big Blin
Big Blin Hide
Big Blin Club
Stone Blin
Stone Blin Buckler
Stone Blin Helmet
Enemy Materials
Enemy Silver Gold
The Imprisoned (Miniature Version)
The Imprisoned's Scales
The Imprisoned's Pillar
Boss Materials
Boss Silver Gold
Helmaroc King
Helmaroc Plume
Helmaroc King's Mask
Phantom Ganon
Phantom Ganon's Cape
Phantom Ganon's Sword
King Daphnes
King Daphnes's Robe
King Daphnes's Crown
Linkle's Boots
Linkle's Compass
Zelda's Brooch
Zelda's Tiara
Ruto's Earrings
Ruto's Scale
Skull Kid
Skull Kid's Hat
Majora's Mask
Toon Zelda
Tetra's Sandals
Tetra's Bandana
Tingle's Map
Tingle's Watch
Toon Link
Pirate's Charm
Island Outfit
Twili Midna
Twili Midna's Hairpin
Twili Midna's Robe
Young Link
Young Link's Belt
Keaton Mask
Ganondorf's Gauntlet
Ganondorf's Jewel

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

List of Materials

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  • During development of Breath of the Wild, crabs were used to create elixirs; however, Nate Bihldorff, senior director of localization at Nintendo of America, convinced Hidemaro Fujibayashi, the game's director, to use them for cooking recipes instead.[4]


  Names in Other Regions  
素材 (Sozai) (BotW) 
Ingrediënten (BotW)[6]Ingredients
Materiale (BotW) 
Material (TotK)[5]
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