Locations in Spirit Tracks

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Stations in Spirit Tracks
Hyrule Rail Map ST.pngAboda VillageTrading PostWhittletonForest SanctuaryRabbitland RescueHyrule CastleCastle TownForest TempleAnouki VillageAnouki VillageSnow SanctuaryBridge Worker's HomeWellspring StationSlippery StationSnowdrift StationSnow TempleSnow TempleTower of SpiritsPapuchia VillagePirate HideoutOcean SanctuaryOcean FloorLost at Sea StationOcean TempleSand SanctuarySand TempleGoron Target RangeFire SanctuaryGoron VillageFire TempleDisorientation StationDark Ore MineEnds of the Earth StationDark Realm

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New Hyrule

Main article: New Hyrule

Tower of Spirits


Forest Realm

Main article: Forest Realm

Aboda Village


Castle Town

Trading Post

Snow Realm

Main article: Snow Realm

Ocean Realm

Main article: Ocean Realm

Papuchia Village

Fire Realm

Main article: Fire Realm

Goron Village

Sand Realm

Main article: Sand Realm

Battle Mode Stages

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