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For the same location 400 years prior, see Lynna Village.

Lynna City,(OoA | OoA (Wessel))[1][2] also known as Lynna,(OoA (Himekawa))[name references needed] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.

Features and Overview

Oracle of Ages

Lynna City is a prosperous and peaceful Town, composed of brick Houses and divided by a lazy River flowing from the Nuun Highlands to the north. A pool at the City center contains a Statue of a mermaid, later replaced with a Link Statue. However, the placid Lynna City faces a threat in the form of the Black Tower, a massive, ominous spire seeming to grow before the citizens' very eyes.[citation needed] This is due to a possessed Queen Ambi accelerating construction on the Tower 400 years in the past, to ignite the Flame of Sorrow.

South Lynna, a small area south of the City where a lone Ember Tree stands, connects the City to the South Shore and the southern ocean of Labrynna. To the east of the city lies the Forest of Time.

Inhabitants of the Lynna City include Bipin, a Gasha Seed farmer, and his wife, Blossom, who are raising their son Bipsom. In a Linked Game, Bipsom will carry over his age and any information from Oracle of Seasons. The City has its own Shop, run by Stockwell. The Vasu Jewelers are located on the east side of the City. Dr. Troy resides in the northwest, and to the south live the Know-It-All Birds. In her House next to the River, Mamamu Yan lives with her pet Dog, which will eventually get lost in the City, to be returned by Link for the Snowshoe Ring.[3] The Lynna City Comedian and his Sidekick can also be found within the City. On the outskirts of town to the northwest stands the secluded Mask Shop. Lynna City is governed by Mayor Plen,[4] whose larger House can be found near the middle of the City.

Also within the City limits resides the Maku Tree, guardian of Labrynna.[5] She is only accessible through Maku Road, a Cave within the City.[6] The Maku Tree aids Link in finding the eight Essences of Time, in order to defeat Veran and save Labrynna.

400 years prior to the present age, Lynna City was Lynna Village.[7][8] Link can travel there with the Harp of Ages. Though similar in layout, Lynna Village differs greatly from Lynna City in content and appearance, having mostly unique residents and being far newer in its construction.


Other Appearances

Oracle of Ages (Himekawa)

Oracle of Ages (Wessel)


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
レンヌのまち (Rennu no Machi) 
The French Republic
Cité Lynna 
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
  • Lynna's City
The Kingdom of Spain
Ciudad Lynna 
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