Arbiter's Grounds

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This article is about the location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. For the Dungeon in Twilight Princess, see Arbiter's Grounds.

The Arbiter's Grounds are a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

The Arbiter's Grounds are a sparse group of Gerudo Ruins in the southern part of the Gerudo Desert. A majority of the ruins are buried beneath the Sand, but their architectural style indicates they were created by the Gerudo.[3] What can be seen are the remains of several doorways and walls, some of which have scaffolding or a Ladder appended to their sides. At the center of the Arbiter's Grounds is a natural rock formation, at the base of which are Ore Deposits and Rare Ore Deposits. Due to the intense Heat in the area, Link requires at least two levels of Heat Resistance in order to traverse the Grounds without taking damage. At night, Link needs two levels of Cold Resistance, since the Gerudo Desert becomes a Freezing Climate.

Among the Arbiter's Grounds, a Molduga swims through the Sand.[4] Link can stand on the ruins to avoid its detection. If it senses Link is nearby, it will rush towards him and attack.

A single Korok Seed Puzzle can be found at the Arbiter's Grounds. On top of the natural rock formation at their center, Link will find a Rock. If he picks it up, it will be revealed as a Natural Hiding Spot. A Korok will then appear and give Link a Korok Seed as a reward.[5]



Tears of the Kingdom


The Arbiter's Grounds are named for the Arbiter's Grounds, the fourth Dungeon from Twilight Princess.[6]

Names in Other Regions
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
刑場遺跡 (Xíngchǎng yíjī)
The People's Republic of China
刑场遗迹 (Xíngchǎng yíjī)
Ruines du Jugement
The French Republic
Ruines du Jugement
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Rovine del patibolo
The Republic of Korea
처형장 옛터
The Kingdom of Spain
Patíbulo del Desierto
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