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Chapter 1

The Battle of Hyrule Field

At about the same time Zelda's powers awaken in the events of Breath of the Wild, a small Guardian emerges from a box in Hyrule Castle. As it sees the destruction caused by Calamity Ganon and hears Zelda’s desperation to protect everyone, it opens a Gate of Time to travel back to before the Great Calamity. Before it jumps through, a Guardian attacks it, but the small Guardian manages to make it into the gate unscathed. Unknown to it, a part of Calamity Ganon's Malice also travels through the Gate of Time, following the small Guardian.

The small Guardian emerges in Hyrule Field before the Second Great Calamity began, where King Rhoam is rallying a group of Soldiers to drive off an incoming horde of Enemies.[1] During "The Battle of Hyrule Field", Link, one of the Soldiers, comes across the seemingly inert Guardian, but before he can inspect it Impa arrives being pursued by Bokoblins. She stumbles and drops her Sheikah Slate, which causes the Guardian to awaken. It raises a Sheikah Tower from underground, fending off the Bokoblins in the process.

Road to the Ancient Lab

When the battle ends, the small Guardian rushes off until it finds Zelda. Zelda notices that the Sheikah Slate has reacted to the Guardian, and decides to head to the Royal Ancient Lab to study it. Link is appointed as Zelda's bodyguard, and Impa joins them on their journey. On their way to the lab, Malice possesses a ruined Guardian and attacks Zelda's party in the battle, "Road to the Ancient Lab". Though initially outmatched, the Guardian reactivates some ruined Guardians in the area, breaking the armor of the corrupted Guardian and allowing Link and his allies to destroy it. After defeating the Guardian, they eventually reach the Royal Ancient Lab.

Robbie and Purah confirm that the small Guardian is a previously unknown form of Guardian able to amplify the effects of other ancient technology. They are also able to decode part of its memory, revealing to Zelda the devastation that will occur if Calamity Ganon is not stopped.

Chapter 2

As Korok Forest is cut off by monsters and Zelda's sealing power has not yet awakened, King Rhoam sends Zelda and Link to meet with the four candidates selected to pilot the Divine Beasts.[2] With some reluctance, he allows the small Guardian to accompany them as well.

Mipha, the Zora Princess

Zelda, Link, and Impa travel to Zora's Domain, where they request for Mipha, the Zora princess, to pilot Divine Beast Vah Ruta. King Dorephan is reluctant to allow Mipha to pilot the Divine Beast, as he believes it will not be safe for her to go without the knight who seals the darkness. Zelda's protest is cut short by a warning of a monster attack from Ploymus Mountain. King Dorephan sends for Mipha and Sidon, when Mipha realizes that Sidon is missing. Mipha, Link, Impa, and Zelda search for Sidon, eventually finding him trying to fight a Lynel on Ploymus Mountain. The Lynel is driven off, allowing Sidon to escape.

Mipha is upset by her brother's recklessness but cannot help but be proud of his courage. They are interrupted again by the sight of a monster horde approaching Zora's Domain, and in response Divine Beast Vah Ruta is summoned for Mipha to pilot. She drives off the invading army, saving King Dorephan in the process. After the battle, King Dorephan acknowledges that the Zora were not able to hold off the Calamity on their own and gives his permission for Mipha to pilot Vah Ruta.[3]

Daruk, the Goron Hero

Main article: Daruk, the Goron Hero

Zelda, Link, and Impa travel to Death Mountain and ask Daruk the Goron to pilot Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Daruk agrees,[4] but warns Zelda and her allies that the path to Vah Rudania is overrun by monsters. He persuades the party to accompany him and wipe out the monster infestation.[5]

After an intense series of battles, they reach Divine Beast Vah Rudania, which Daruk uses to eliminate the monsters on Death Mountain. Following their victory, Daruk reconfirms his willingness to pilot Divine Beast Vah Rudania,[6] offering Link a celebratory rock roast.

Revali, the Rito Warrior

Zelda and her party travel to Rito Village, but are attacked by Rito warriors under Revali's command, who believe them to be raiders sent to attack Rito Village. Link and Revali fight and prove to be equally matched, but Zelda intervenes in the fight before it can get out of hand.

Zelda's party learns that Rito Village had recently been attacked by an army of monsters led by a small Guardian similar to the one in the party, and the Rito thought it had returned to launch another attack. While Zelda is grateful that neither Link nor Revali were hurt, Impa points out that the presence of another small Guardian linked to Calamity Ganon is worrisome. Revali interrupts to volunteer his service piloting Divine Beast Vah Medoh and questions Link's competence as a knight.[7] The small Guardian chimes in, apparently to insist that it is also a knight serving Zelda, which baffles Revali.

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief

As the party arrives at Gerudo Town, they are attacked by Gerudo forces seemingly commanded by Urbosa to kill them. Zelda is confused by their unexplainable aggression, but is sure that the Gerudo chief can clear it up.

When they reach Urbosa's palace, she attacks, claiming that she wishes to "thwart their destiny". Before she can strike, however, the real Urbosa appears and exposes the one they had seen as a disguised Master Kohga. Master Kohga flees after summoning the Yiga Clan to surround the town, and Link's allies fight them off. With Urbosa assisting them, they summon a Molduga to distract the Yiga Clan forces long enough to launch an assault on the Yiga Clan Hideout. Master Kohga is defeated, but his lieutenant Sooga helps him escape. Urbosa thanks Zelda and her allies for helping her deal with the Yiga Clan and agrees to pilot Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[8]

Meanwhile, Master Kohga and Sooga are reprimanded for their failure by the dark prophet Astor.[9] He calls upon the corrupted small Guardian seen earlier, which he calls the Harbinger, to show them a vision of the future in which the Great Calamity goes unchecked, and warns that he will not allow the future to be changed.

The Yiga Clan Attacks!

With her magic still dormant, Zelda dedicates herself to calibrating the Divine Beasts for their pilots' use. However, she is increasingly disheartened by King Rhoam's frustration with her lack of progress. On their way through Gatepost Town near the Great Plateau, they are ambushed by Sooga and the Yiga Clan, who are supported by monsters. The Champions fend off the attack and make their way to the enemy stronghold only to find that it was a diversion. Link is left on his own to battle Sooga. He ultimately prevents the Yiga second-in-command from assassinating Zelda. Defeated, Sooga calls for the Yiga Clan to retreat.[10]

Chapter 3

Freeing Korok Forest

King Rhoam commands the Divine Beasts' pilots to find a knight able to wield the Master Sword, which will first require them to fight off the monsters in Korok Forest. Zelda accompanies them to gather more data to calibrate the Divine Beasts, and Link follows as well. After delivering a few more petty insults towards Link, Revali summons Divine Beast Vah Medoh to eliminate the monster outposts surrounding the Great Hyrule Forest.

The party enters the forest, where they meet Hestu. The Korok musician agrees to escort them through the woods in exchange for protection against the monsters. After fighting their way past a Stalnox, the party's progress is stymied by a pool of Malice conjured by Astor. They trace the source of the Malice to four Hollows- dark replicas of the Champions composed of Malice. When they are destroyed, the Malice dissipates.

Hestu volunteers to hold off the monsters long enough for Link and Zelda to reach the Master Sword's resting place. They find Astor waiting for them, and he summons the Hollows to attack. The Hollows' combined assault overwhelms Link and breaks his sword, but before they can kill Zelda he draws the Master Sword from its pedestal and is able to defeat the Hollows once more. Astor takes matters into his own hands and battles Link himself, but the Master Sword's power forces him to withdraw.

The Great Deku Tree awakens to speak with Zelda, telling her that the Master Sword has chosen Link to wield it and that she must have faith in herself. With his message delivered, he returns to his slumber.

The Road Home, Besieged

Even with the Great Deku Tree's message, Zelda still fears that she may not be able to awaken her power in time. The small Guardian soothes her by playing Zelda's Lullaby, and she recalls that she has met it once before. However, the realization is cut short by the appearance of monsters blocking the road to Hyrule Castle, which the party fights through.

Zelda reflects on how much stronger Link has become, and Urbosa correctly guesses that she finds herself to be lacking in comparison. The Gerudo champion reassures the princess that Link is no different from who he was before he claimed the Master Sword, and in that respect is just like Zelda herself.

Link, Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa are named Champions. After the ceremony, the small Guardian and Impa get into a fight, briefly distracting Zelda from her worries. Mipha reminds Daruk of their earlier discussion about training, which Daruk accepts. She looks at Link, who overhears her intentions to fight alongside him and she stammers in panic as he approaches. Revali gets caught in the middle of Impa and Terrako's scuffle, upsetting him so much he leaves in annoyance.

Chapter 4

Akkala Tower

Purah's research into the Sheikah Tower reveals the presence of other towers hidden underground, all linked to a control system within Hyrule Castle. To activate it, the Champions set out to bond the Sheikah Slate with the towers.[11]

King Rhoam again expresses irritation with Zelda's failure to manifest her powers and focus on the relics, but accepts a relic from Zelda that she and her mother believed to have unknown potential. He reluctantly gives her permission to keep studying ancient technology.

Back at the Yiga Clan Hideout, Master Kohga and Sooga realize that if the Sheikah Towers are activated, the Yiga Clan will be exposed. Astor quiets their dissent, reminding them that they will have their parts to play. The corrupted Guardian is revealed to be possessed by Calamity Ganon itself, and Astor declares that he will use it to seize power over all of Hyrule. Sooga warns the prophet that Ganon cannot be controlled by mortals, but his words go unheard.

Link activates the first tower with the Sheikah Slate, triggering the appearance of the other towers across Hyrule. Link and his allies continue to activate the towers until they reach the last one in Akkala. There, they are informed that the Yiga Clan has captured Akkala Citadel, which was previously thought impenetrable and is where the last tower is located. They break through the Yiga Clan's defenses, defeating Sooga again and forcing the Yiga Clan to retreat. With the last tower activated, Purah explains how the towers can provide maps for a region. Urbosa uses the maps to lead a preemptive strike on the Yiga Clan Hideout, clearing a path for a follow-up assault. The party confronts Master Kohga and Sooga once more, and the Yiga Clan leaders flee to save themselves after being defeated.

Destroy the Yiga Clan!

After the battle at the Yiga Clan Hideout, Master Kohga and Sooga confront Astor, demanding to know why he failed to tell them they would be defeated. Astor merely comments that all is going according to plan, reminding the Yiga Clan that they are bound to serve Calamity Ganon and that Ganon will punish them if they try to harm him.[12]

Meanwhile, Purah continues to lead research on the Sheikah Towers, demonstrating their ability to be used for teleportation.[13] Zelda gives her support to further study but is troubled by her own lack of progress.

The Guardian's records indicate that Calamity Ganon will return on Zelda's 17th birthday. In the hopes of awakening Zelda's power in time, King Rhoam sends her to train at the Spring of Courage. Zelda's ruminations over her perceived failure are interrupted by a horde of monsters that besieges the spring. They are able to make it out of the forest thanks to Zelda's knowledge of relics in the area. Impa thus chides Zelda for thinking so little of her efforts.[14]

Chapter 5

Calamity Strikes

Main article: Calamity Strikes

As nobody younger than 17 is permitted to set foot on Mount Lanayru, Zelda plans to train at the Spring of Wisdom as soon as she comes of age. As the small Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity's memory indicates that this would be the day that Calamity Ganon would awaken, King Rhoam makes arrangements for evacuations and deploys the Divine Beasts to prepare for the Calamity's coming.

Robbie and Purah finish analyzing Terrako's memory, only for them to be captured by Yiga Clan spies. Purah manages to slip the Sheikah Slate with the decoded data to the small Guardian, which delivers the slate to Zelda just as she leaves for the Spring of Wisdom. It is at that exact moment that Calamity Ganon arrives, to Zelda's horror. Daruk appears on the Eldin Tower when he hears a sound and is shocked by what he sees at Hyrule Castle. Urbosa notes that he had revived sooner than they thought. While initially remaining calm, Revali sees the Sheikah Tower's circuitry malfunction before the ground shakes harder, scaring the Rito Champion as the Sheikah Towers across Hyrule shut down.

Link, Zelda, and Impa retreat from the castle as the Guardians are possessed one by one by Calamity Ganon. As they reach the exit, King Rhoam saves them from a Guardian attack. He entrusts Link with protecting Zelda at all costs and stays behind to give them a chance to escape. Zelda is dragged away by Link as three Guardians surround the king and his men, and he is seemingly killed.

As Calamity Ganon circles the castle, Impa shows Zelda the Sheikah Slate, revealing that Ganon has attacked the Divine Beasts. She breaks down in despair, lamenting her inability to awaken the sealing magic.[15] When one of her tears lands on the small Guardian, it shoots a bright beam of light skyward, opening four new time portals. They hear Divine Beast Vah Medoh's cry and see it in the distance, still glowing blue but surrounded by Malice. With this indication that Revali and the other Champions are still alive but in great peril, the trio realize there may still be a chance to stop the Great Calamity.[16][17][18]

(The following two sections can be completed in any order, as decided by the player.)

Water and Fire

Main article: Water and Fire

Daruk fends off Fireblight Ganon's fireballs as Mipha struggles against Waterblight Ganon. As the blow that would have killed Mipha in the original timeline is about to land, an adult Sidon bursts out of one of the time portals summoned by the small Guardian, declaring that he will not lose his sister a second time. At the same time, Yunobo emerges from another portal just in time to block the attack that would have slain Daruk.

As Divine Beast Vah Rudania is surrounded by lava, Link's party chooses to make their way to Divine Beast Vah Ruta first. Sidon's aid is able to keep Mipha alive long enough for Link and his allies to join them in fighting Waterblight Ganon. Divine Beast Vah Ruta is not at its full strength and so cannot summon enough rain to clear the lava, so Sidon moves ahead to slay the Igneo Talus producing the lava flows. With the Talus dead, the Divine Beast is able to cool the lava.

Yunobo starts to panic as Fireblight Ganon continues to pressure the two Gorons, but Daruk rallies his spirits with a reminder that Yunobo was supposed to save him. Link and his party arrive, and Fireblight Ganon is destroyed.

Daruk thanks both Link and Yunobo for their help as Sidon explains to Mipha that he is indeed her brother from the future. Zelda then explains what happened at Hyrule Castle. Mipha and Sidon hurry to support the Hylian forces at Akkala Citadel while Daruk and Yunobo use Divine Beast Vah Rudania to wipe out an army of monsters and Guardians.[19]

Air and Lightning

Main article: Air and Lightning

Despite her best efforts, Urbosa is losing her battle against Thunderblight Ganon. Revali is faring little better against Windblight Ganon, despite his insistence otherwise. But at the fateful moments in which they would have died, Riju (with Patricia) and Teba appear out of the time portals to support their respective Champions.

With Divine Beast Vah Medoh too high in the air to reach, the heroes set their sights on Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Riju and Urbosa are nearly overwhelmed by Thunderblight Ganon, but Link and his allies arrive in time to help defeat it. Riju helps the party clear the path to Divine Beast Vah Medoh, and they arrive to help Revali. Windblight Ganon is bested, but teleports away before it can be killed.

Urbosa thanks Riju for saving her, though the younger Gerudo is sure to ascribe credit to the whole party. Revali on the other hand insists that he would have been just fine on his own; Teba is surprised to learn that the Rito Champion is so arrogant, but Urbosa suggests he not say that out loud.

After Zelda tells the Champions about the events at Hyrule Castle, Revali and Teba move out with Divine Beast Vah Medoh to clear the skies around Hyrule Castle. They confront Windblight Ganon again in the aerial battle, ultimately slaying it.

Heroes from the Future

Zelda recalls how Sidon told her that he had a vision of Mipha being attacked by Waterblight Ganon only to find himself within Divine Beast Vah Ruta with her. She realizes that the small Guardian was responsible for summoning him and the other future heroes and thanks it for its help. Their next destination is Akkala Citadel, where Robbie has escaped to.

Elsewhere, Astor harvests the souls of slain Yiga Clan members to resurrect the four blights. Master Kohga and Sooga are outraged by his treachery and demand the prophet explain himself. Astor tells them that the heroes have grown strong enough to warrant a change of tactics. He declares that the two can be finally useful as blood sacrifices for Calamity Ganon and summons a Hollow of Link to attack them.[20] Sooga tells Master Kohga to escape, but Master Kohga cannot bring himself to abandon him. Seeing his resolve, Sooga vows to protect him even if he must die doing so.[21]

Chapter 6

Relentless as a Waterfall

The defenders of Akkala Citadel are besieged by monsters and Guardians, and it seems as if the stronghold will fall to their assault. Robbie has a feeling that their luck will change, and he is proven right when Divine Beast Vah Ruta arrives. Mipha and Sidon clear the way for Link, Impa, and Zelda to reach the citadel. Mipha leaves the Divine Beast to provide aid to the defenders, and the rest of the party makes their way to Robbie. When they reach him, they fight off a Malice-infused Guardian and destroy the citadel bridge to keep any further monsters from reaching it.

Each Step Like Thunder

Robbie directs the party to Fort Hateno, where Purah is located. However, it too is under siege. Urbosa and Riju fight off the army of Guardians and monsters occupying Hyrule Field as Link and the others depart. As the seemingly endless swarm draws closer, the other three Divine Beasts appear to reinforce them.

The party rushes to the fort, only to find Astor commanding the invaders. Taunting Zelda over her imminent death, he resummons the four blights to attack. Link is nearly defeated by their combined power, but Zelda unleashes her sealing magic to save him and destroys Fireblight Ganon and Waterblight Ganon. Purah attempts to shut down the Guardians using devices based on the small Guardians's design, but only succeeds after Thunderblight Ganon and Windblight Ganon are also defeated.

After the battle, Zelda gives a speech to motivate the soldiers, urging them not to let despair get the better of them and assuming command of the armies of the Hyrule. Some time later, Zelda and Impa meet with a soldier who turns out to be Master Kohga, who has come to join her forces in order to avenge the Yiga Clan members Astor has betrayed.

Chapter 7

The Great Plateau

Main article: The Great Plateau

The party responds to news of Hylian forces in battle at the Great Plateau by rushing to their aid. While it is too far to reach by foot, Purah is able to reactivate the Sheikah Towers and enhance their teleportation abilities. The Yiga Clan report that rubble is blocking the way to the Temple of Time where most of the soldiers are, and Purah comes up with the idea of using the Shrine of Resurrection as a travel gate. They break through into the temple and discover that King Rhoam is alive. He explains that the relic Zelda gave him turned out to be an ancient shield that saved his life, and father and daughter reconcile.

All Hyrule, United

Main article: All Hyrule, United

The unified Hylian forces march to Hyrule Field. They find that the castle is blocked off by a wall of Malice, generated by a group of Malice-infused monsters. Once they are slain, Zelda is able to dispel the wall so the Champions can fire the Divine Beasts’ lasers. However, a sudden Blood Moon revives all the monsters in the field.[22]

The Future of Hyrule

Main article: The Future of Hyrule

The combined strength of the Hyrulean forces is enough to make one final push towards the castle. Astor confronts the heroes as they reach the castle, accompanied by the possessed Guardian. The heroes realize it resembles their own small Guardian. The possessed Guardian, now the being known as Harbinger Ganon, shapeshifts into a monstrous form as Astor maniacally declares how his destiny is to destroy Zelda and her allies.[23] Fighting their way through the castle, the party battles the Blights once more to reach the two gatehouses, where they battle Astor and Harbinger Ganon, forcing them to withdraw.

Enraged by his defeat, Astor commands Harbinger Ganon to destroy the heroes.[24] Instead, Harbinger Ganon consumes Astor and uses his power to transform into a humanoid version of Calamity Ganon. It lets out a surge of Malice that corrupts the heroic small Guardian, forcing it to attack Link and Zelda. They have no choice but to battle it.

Zelda is grief-stricken by having to fight their friend, who is now critically damaged. As she weeps over it, it tries to comfort her by playing Zelda's Lullaby. Zelda has a flashback revealing its origins: as a young girl, Zelda activated it as a playmate and proudly showed it to her mother. Later, it consoled her after her mother's death. Zelda says its true name: Terrako. However, it was eventually confiscated by King Rhoam as he assumed it was nothing more than a simple toy.

The Champions catch up to her and are also saddened by Terrako’s broken state. Her resolve strengthened as well as the warriors, Zelda swears to stop Calamity Ganon at all costs.[25]

They pursue Calamity Ganon to the sanctum, but despite their best efforts, the heroes cannot even harm it. As the abomination prepares a devastating attack that Zelda struggles to hold back, Terrako reactivates. The Guardian uses the last of its energy to launch itself at Calamity Ganon and self-destruct, breaking through Calamity Ganon's shield and leaving behind only a single screw. Terrako's sacrifice renews the fighting spirit of the party. After a long and grueling battle, Link delivers the final blow and Zelda seals away Calamity Ganon.

As the sun rises, the united Hyrulean people rejoice that the Great Calamity is over. Outside, Terrako's screw begins to shine, and Riju realizes that she, Teba, Yunobo, and Sidon must return to the future. The Champions say their farewells to their descendants, and Zelda vows to always treasure their friendship.[26]


An unknown amount of time after Calamity Ganon's sealing, Robbie, Purah, and Zelda have finished repairing Terrako using parts gathered from all over Hyrule.[27] While they initially fear they were unsuccessful, the sight of Zelda's face causes Terrako to fully reactivate. Link, Impa, and the Champions happily look on as Zelda tearfully welcomes back the Guardian whose aid and sacrifice ultimately changed the course of history.

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