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The following is a non-exhaustive list of mainspace pages that store Cargo data using Cargo storage templates.

When data is stored in the main namespace as opposed to the Data namespace, there is a risk that editors may edit the page without knowing how it affects all the articles that query that data. For example, it is not obvious that removing the "Subjects" column from the Figurines in The Minish Cap data table would break usages of Template:Figurines, which relies on the Subjects column to determine which figurines to display in an article.

This does not mean that storing data in the mainspace is a bad thing and that all data should be in the Data namespace. It does mean, however, that editing these pages requires extra caution.

After changing any page in this category, it is recommended to check at least a few of the pages that query the data. Purge each page you check to ensure that the page is using the latest data.


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