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Goron Captains are recurring characters and Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]


Hyrule Warriors

Goron Captains are the higher ranking Goron soldiers of the Goron Forces. They appear as Gorons wearing plated iron armor and thick helmets. As with the rest of the Goron Forces, they are allied with and appear to the aid of the Hyrulean Forces in their fight against the Dark Forces. However, in "Land of Myth", they also appear as enemy Captains under Darunia's command.

In "The Armies of Ruin", a Goron Captain appears to the aid of the Hyrulean Forces in their battle against the Dark Forces. He is attacked by a Lizalfos, but is soon saved by Link. The rescue's efforts open the entrance to a mine tunnel, and the Goron Captain urges that Link take the Bombs inside. Later when the Hyrulean Forces summon the Great Fairy to attack the Dark Forces, one of the Goron Captain's Bombs is taken by the Fairies to turn into a giant Bomb.

In "The Sheikah Tribesman", a Goron Captain again appears to help the Hyrulean Forces, this time by bringing in and operating Bombchus to blow up stone spires so that the Hyrulean Forces may advance. He appears twice throughout the battle.

In "Land of Myth", the Hyrulean Forces are attacked by Darunia and his Goron Forces, who are being controlled by the Dark Forces.[3] The Goron Captains assist Darunia by attacking the Hyrulean Forces; first by launching boulders at the Allied Base, then as Bombchu Operators who lead Bombchus to attack key Keeps. Upon Darunia's defeat, the Goron Forces return to their sanity.[4] They then assist the Hyrulean Forces on their assault against the Dark Forces in "The Water Temple".

In "The Dragon of the Caves" in the Master Quest DLC Pack, the Goron Forces keep guard of Wizzro's ring. The Goron Captains' panicking draws Cia's curiosity to the ring, and Wizzro is released. The Goron Captains then try to combat Cia by bringing in Bombchus while the Dark Forces are fighting Volga's Forces.

As Enemies, Goron Captains attack by curling up into a ball and charging forward. The attack leaves them vulnerable shortly afterwards, and exposes their Weak Point Gauge.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


  Names in Other Regions  
Goron-commandant (HWAoC) 
Capitán goron (HWDE)[5]Same as English.
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