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Great Fairy Fountains,(TMC | BotW | HWAoC)[1][2][3] also known as Faerie Springs,(LA)[4] Fairy's Fountains,(MM3D)[5] Fairy Fountains,(OoA | TWW | HW)[6][7][8] and Great Fairy's Fountains,(OoT | FSA)[9][10] are recurring locations in The Legend of Zelda series in which a Great Fairy resides. Great Fairy Fountains go unnamed in Oracle of Seasons and Four Swords.

They are usually located in holes or caves; however, they are inside of houses shaped like seashells in The Wind Waker and out in the open in Breath of the Wild. They are often inaccessible without special abilities or items, for example, behind giant rocks or walls that must be bombed. Upon accessing the Fountain, Link may be rewarded with important items or power-ups which are helpful or necessary to finish the game. However, in some games such as A Link to the Past, Great Fairies residing within fountains only heal Link without granting him any special abilities.

Features and Overview

The Legend of Zelda

Two ponds similar to Great Fairy Fountains are found throughout the land of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda, and although they are not specifically referred to as such, they can be inferred to be Great Fairy Fountains since they serve the same purpose as in other Zelda games. They also set the overall image of the Great Fairy Fountains for many Zelda games to come, with a Fairy floating over the ponds of water. The Fairy that appears will completely heal Link.

A Link to the Past

Great Fairy Fountains are found all over Hyrule in A Link to the Past, either inside caves or holes, with some of them being more well-hidden than others. Keeping with the overall appearance of the fountains in the original The Legend of Zelda, Great Fairy Fountains contain a large pond in the middle with two statues resembling Fairies at the side. The Great Fairy within will heal Link's wounds completely when he approaches her.

Pond of Happiness

Main article: Pond of Happiness

There is a Great Fairy Fountain known as the Pond of Happiness located inside a cave on an island in the middle of Lake Hylia, which is home to the Fairy Queen, Venus. Once inside, Link will find a long hallway leading up to a small pond with two statues on each side. The pond asks Link how many Rupees he would like to throw in, which would then tell him whether he would have good or bad luck. Every time the hero throws 100 Rupees into the pond, the Fairy Queen appears and grants him the ability to either carry five more Bombs or Arrows, with the maximum being 50 and 70, respectively.

Mysterious Ponds

Main article: Waterfall of Wishing

Two Mysterious Ponds can also be found. The pond in the Light World, known as the Waterfall of Wishing, houses a Great Fairy within and is located right before reaching the Zora River. Just like the rest of the Great Fairy Fountains, it has a pond in the middle with two torches at the side. Here, Link can throw the Boomerang, a Bottle, and a Fighter's Shield into the pond to make a Great Fairy appear and receive better items in return, such as the Magical Boomerang, Medicine of Magic, and the Red Shield.

The second pond, located in the Dark World, contains a Cursed Fairy. If Link throws in his Bow in the middle of the pond, the cursed Great Fairy will appear and bestow upon him the Silver Arrows.[11] Link can also throw in the Master Sword Lv2 to turn into the Master Sword Lv3.

Link's Awakening

The Fairy Queen's Fountain from Link's Awakening DX

There are four Faerie Springs scattered throughout Koholint Island in Link's Awakening. Each houses a Great Fairy capable of fully restoring Link's health. The Faerie Springs can be located at:

In Link's Awakening DX, an additional Fairy can be found, who refers to herself as the Fairy Queen. The Fairy Queen resides in a small fountain in the final room of the Color Dungeon. As thanks for visiting her, she bestows Link the "power of color", which is either the Red Clothes or the Blue Clothes. These tunics increase the power of Link's weapons or his defense when worn, respectively.[12] Link can revisit the Fairy Queen anytime to swap between the two tunics, but he can never regain his green tunic.

Ocarina of Time

There are a total of six Great Fairy's Fountains located all over Hyrule in Ocarina of Time. All of the Great Fairies within grant Link special power-ups such as Defensive Power or spells like Din's Fire, among other abilities. After Link has received the power-up in its respective Great Fairy's Fountain, he can go back and get his wounds healed and Magic Meter replenished by the Great Fairy.

The location of each of the Great Fairy's Fountains as well as the power-ups received are:

All of the fountains in the game have the same appearance, including two torches on each side of the fountain, a rather large pond in the middle from which the Great Fairies come out, and a Triforce symbol in front of said pond. In order to get the Great Fairy to appear from the fountain, "Zelda's Lullaby" must be played with either Ocarina while standing on top of the Triforce symbol.

Majora's Mask

Main article: Fairy Fountain

Fairy's Fountains are known as Fairy Fountains in Majora's Mask. They're all located in the four cardinal directions of Termina: Woodfall, Snowhead, Great Bay Region, and Ikana Canyon, including Clock Town as well.

The appearance of Fairy's Fountains in Majora's Mask are more similar to the Fairy Fountains in Ocarina of Time. There is still a large pond in the middle, but there are no torches or Triforce symbols; instead, the Fountain is surrounded by several columns and arcs. Since the Great Fairies living within were shattered into Stray Fairies by the Skull Kid wearing Majora's Mask, it is up to Link to gather the missing Stray Fairies from each of the area's dungeons in order to receive the respective power-up from the Great Fairies.

Only one power-up is required to proceed through the game, being the one in North Clock Town during the first 3-Day cycle, which introduces the Magic Meter.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, several Great Fairy Fountains are scattered throughout Holodrum and Labrynna. A Great Fairy will also reside in the canopies of each game's respective Maku Tree once they have grown large enough.

Four Swords

In Four Swords, each of the Great Fairies of Forest, Ice, and Flame await at a Great Fairy Fountain in the Sea of Trees, Talus Cave, and Death Mountain Stages respectively.[13] Each Fountain can be reached by using the Warp Zones that appear after defeating the boss of that particular Stage. It is at each of these locations that the Links may receive a Silver Key, Golden Key, or Hero's Key of that Stage's Great Fairy, depending on the number of Rupees they collect.

The Wind Waker

Fairy Fountains are all located on different islands of the Great Sea in The Wind Waker, especially on the Fairy Islands. Fairy Fountains are easily spotted as they are shaped like seashells, with the exception of the one in Outset Island's Forest of Fairies, which is instead a hole covered by a Huge Rock. Their entrances are all blocked by certain obstacles such as Huge Rocks, fires, vines, and among other things that must be removed using various items, such as Bombs or the Skull Hammer. The inside of the Fountains still retain the same large pond from which the Great Fairies come out. There are also several seashells aligning the walls, keeping to the outside characteristics of the Fountains.

The names of the Fairy Islands in which the Fairy Fountains are located, along with the upgrades received are:

Quiver Upgrades

  • Western Fairy Island – The Skull Hammer must be used to hit the nearby stake and remove the thorns blocking the entrance
  • Thorned Fairy Island – The Skull Hammer must be used to hit the three nearby stakes and remove the fire blocking the entrance

Bomb Upgrades

Wallet Upgrades

  • Northern Fairy Island – A Bomb must be used to blow up the Huge Rock blocking the entrance.
  • Outset Island in the Forest of Fairies – A Bomb must be used to blow up the Huge Rock blocking the entrance.

A special Fairy Fountains, which houses the Queen of the Fairies, is located in the Mother and Child Isles. The only way to reach it is by warping to that island using the "Ballad of Gales". Upon landing inside the Fairy Fountains, the Queen of the Fairies grants Link the Fire Arrow and Ice Arrow.[14] After Link has received the upgrades or power-ups from its respective Fairy Fountains, the Great Fairy will no longer be at the Fountain. Instead, Fairies will be floating over the pond, ready to heal Link or be put inside a Bottle.

Four Swords Adventures

Link can encounter various Great Fairy's Fountains while inside certain dungeons or caves in Four Swords Adventures.[15] Great Fairy's Fountains are rather small compared to its predecessors and are usually very easy to find. They bear a slight resemblance to the Waterfall of Wishing from A Link to the Past, and they also play the same role. If Link throws a certain item into the pond, the Great Fairy will upgrade it to a Level 2 item.[16] If Link does not upgrade his items, he will not be able to proceed through the stage.

The Minish Cap

There are three Great Fairy Fountains in The Minish Cap that are home to a Great Fairy in each: the Great Mayfly Fairy, Great Butterfly Fairy, and the Great Dragonfly Fairy.

The locations of the Great Fairy Fountains as well as the upgrades received are as follows:

  • Mount Crenel – While scaling the Crenel Wall, to the far right side is a piece of land where Link must use a Bomb to open up an entrance. Once inside, he can throw yet another Bomb into the pond. The Great Mayfly Fairy will appear and ask him if he threw a golden Bomb, a silver Bomb, or neither. By answering honestly, the Great Mayfly Fairy will reward him with a larger Bomb Bag.[17]
  • Minish Woods – To the far northeast corner of the Eastern Hills is a small hole. Link must use the Cane of Pacci to get to the higher platform and head east into the Minish Woods. The lone tree here holds a Great Fairy Fountain inside. By throwing in all of Link's Rupees into the pond, the Great Butterfly Fairy will appear and reward him with a bigger Wallet for being so generous.[18]
  • Royal Valley – Upon entering the Royal Valley, Link must head down the stairs and immediately to the right is a cave that can be opened with a Bomb. Once he approaches the fountain, the Great Dragonfly Fairy will appear and ask several questions. If Link can answer the questions correctly, she will reward his knowledge by giving him a larger Quiver.[19]

Twilight Princess

Great Fairy Fountains are all found inside different floors of the Cave of Ordeals in Twilight Princess. Once Link reaches the 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th floors, he can approach the pond in the middle of the room to make a Great Fairy appear. She will reward him by releasing Fairies at the springs of the four Spirits of Light.[20] On the 50th floor of the Cave of Ordeals, the Great Fairy will fill one of Link's Empty Bottles with Great Fairy's Tears.[21] She will also tell him that he can get more Tears by going to any of the Light Spirit's Springs, although Link will only be able to have one Empty Bottle filled with Great Fairy's Tears at any given time.[22]

A Link Between Worlds

Great Fairy Fountains appear nearly identically to those of A Link to the Past, with some even located in the same locations. In Lorule, behind the Bomb Flower Store, there is also a Great Fairy Fountain where the Great Rupee Fairy resides, who will give Link an Bottle after receiving a total of 3,000 Rupees, restoring her body's form.

Breath of the Wild

There are four Great Fairy Fountains that can be found throughout Hyrule in Breath of the Wild: in the woods above Kakariko Village, south of Tabantha Tower, in the woods south of Tarrey Town, and among the Leviathan skeleton in Dragon's Exile in Gerudo Desert. Unlike in past games, these Great Fairy Fountains are not hidden inside of caves - instead, they are large flower buds that are out in the open, surrounded by orange, glowing mushrooms. After Link provides the Great Fairy with enough Rupees (100, 500, 1,000, or 10,000, depending on how many Fountains he has found), the bud will open, revealing a small pool of water in its center which the Great Fairy will emerge from. Great Fairy Fountains are also often surrounded by different plants, such as Silent Princesses or Armoranths. Malanya Spring also features a flower bud resembling a Great Fairy Fountain, though this is in fact where the Horse God resides.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Fairy Fountain from Hyrule Warriors

Fairy Fountains appear in several Stages in Hyrule Warriors. The Fountains have two functions; either functioning as normal Keeps to be captured, or as mission objectives, where a Great Fairy may be summoned through a Magic Circle to help in battle, usually after escorting a character to a Keep. Fairy Fountains appear in Hyrule Field, Faron Woods, Valley of Seers, Palace of Twilight, and Skyloft, although whether they are used or not depends on the Scenario.

A lone Cucco may sometimes be found inside the Fairy Fountain Keeps. Attacking them will summon a Cucco Rogue Force into the battle.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Names in Other Regions
  • 大妖精の泉 (Dai-Yōsei no Izumi) (OoT)[25]
  • だいようせい大妖精のいずみ泉 (TotK)
  • Same as English.
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
大妖精之泉 (Dà Yāojīng Zhīquán) (TotK) 
The People's Republic of China
  • 大精灵之泉 (Dà jīnglíng zhī quán) (OoT)[26]
  • 大妖精之泉 (Dà Yāojīng Zhīquán) (TotK)
Fontaine de la grande fée (TotK) 
The French Republic
Fontaine de la grande fée (TotK) 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Quelle der Großen Fee (TotK) 
The Italian Republic
  • Fontana della Fata radiosa (OoT3D)[24]
  • Santuario della fata radiosa (MM3D)[23]
  • Fonte della fata radiosa (TotK)
  • Great Fairy's fountain
  • Great fairy sanctuary
The Republic of Korea
대요정의 샘 (TotK) 
The Kingdom of Spain
Fuente de la gran hada (TotK) 
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Other Names

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