Weapons in Breath of the Wild

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The following is a list of Weapons in Breath of the Wild.

List of Weapons

Weapon Compendium No. Archetype Category Can use a shield simultaneously? Attack Durability Description

Master Sword
198/203 One-Handed Weapon Yes 30
The Legendary sword that seals the darkness. Its blade gleams with a sacred luster that can oppose the Calamity. Only a hero chosen by the sword itself may wield it.
The Legendary sword that seals the darkness, a blade whose sacred glow can combat the Calamity. Link's conquests in the Trial of the Sword have amplified its splendor.

The Legendary sword that seals the darkness, a blade whose sacred glow can combat the Calamity. Link's triumphs over the Trial of the Sword has awakened its true splendor.

Tree Branch
199/204 One-Handed Weapon Yes 2 4 Wooden branches such as this are pretty common, but it's surprisingly well-balanced. It doesn't do much damage but can serve as a weapon in a pinch.

200/205 Daily Use Goods One-Handed Weapon Yes 2 8 This torch will stay lit once ignited. If you put it away, the flame will be extinguished until you light it again.

Soup Ladle
201/206 Daily Use Goods One-Handed Weapon Yes 4 5 A kitchen implement often used for serving delicious soups. It was carved from the wood of a sturdy tree, so it actually packs quite the wallop.

202/207 Boomerang One-Handed Weapon Yes 8 18 This throwing weapon was originally used by the forest-dwelling Koroks. Its unique shape allows it to return after being thrown.

Spring-Loaded Hammer
203/208 Hammer One-Handed Weapon Yes 1 80 This strange hammer is one of Kilton's specialties. Being struck by it doesn't hurt much, but the fourth swing in a string of attacks will send the victim flying.

Traveler's Sword
204/209 Traveler's Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 5 20 A very common sword often kept by travelers to fend off small beasts. It's fairly durable, but a bit unreliable against monsters.

Soldier's Broadsword
205/210 Soldier's Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 14 25 A sword brandished by the soldiers who once protected Hyrule Castle. Its durable blade is well tuned for slaying monsters.

Knight's Broadsword
206/211 Knight's Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 26 27 Knights of Hyrule once carried this sword. These days it's the weapon of choice for seasoned adventurers thanks to its ease of use and high attack power.

Royal Broadsword
207/212 Royal Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 36 36 The Hyrulean royal family would award this sword to knights who achieved remarkable feats. A sword that balances strength and beauty as elegantly as this one is a rare find.

Forest Dweller's Sword
208/213 Forest Dweller's Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 22 27 Koroks made this sword for Hylians. It's made of wood, so it isn't the best choice for head-on attacks. Its original intent was likely clearing vines to forge paths through forests.

Zora Sword
209/214 Zora Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 15 27 The ornamentation that adorns this blade is a traditional Zora design. It's forged from a very durable and rust-proof metal.

Feathered Edge
210/215 Rito Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 15 27 Rito craftsmen forged this lightweight, double-edge sword so Rito warriors could soar into battle unhindered by its weight.

Gerudo Scimitar
211/216 Gerudo Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 16 23 This common sword is often carried by Gerudo women for self-defense. Its short, curved blade is easily recognized.

Moonlight Scimitar
212/217 Gerudo Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 25 32 Delicate Gerudo carvings decorate this curved sword. The engraved blade is extremely sharp. Apparently it once served ceremonial purposes in festivals.

Scimitar of the Seven
213/218 Gerudo Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 32 60 A famous sword once beloved by the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. It is said that when Urbosa swung this sword in battle, her movements resembled a beautiful dance.

Eightfold Blade
214/219 Sheikah Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 15 26 A single-edged sword traditional to the Sheikah tribe. Forged using ancient technology it just may be among the sharpest conventional weapons ever made.

Ancient Short Sword
215/220 Ancient Soldier Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 40 54 The blade of this sword was made using an ancient power lost to this modern age. Its blade appears only when drawn, and its cutting power surpasses metal swords.

Rusty Broadsword
216/221 Rusty Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 6 8 A rusty sword used ages ago by a skilled swordsman. It can do some damage in the right hands but also breaks quickly.

Royal Guard's Sword
217/222 Royal Guard's Series One-Handed Weapon Yes 48 14 A Sheikah-made replica of the sword that seals the darkness. It was made with ancient technology to oppose the Great Calamity, but its low durability made it inefficient.

218/223 Magic Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 24 36 This magical sword was forged in the lava of Death Mountain. It leaves white-hot flames in its wake when the blade glows red.

219/224 Magic Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 20 30 A magical sword forged in the frigid mountains of the Hebra region. When the blade glows blue, enemies struck by it will become frozen.

220/225 Magic Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 22 36 A magical sword forged and refined by lightning from the Hyrule Hills. When the blade shines with a golden light, it will electrocute enemies struck by it.

Goddess Sword
One-Handed Weapon Yes 28 45 A sword said to have once belonged to a hero from the sky. Its blade houses the fire of the Goddess. When wielded, a strange yet heavenly breeze kicks up around you.

One-Handed Weapon Yes 22 27 A sword once wielded by a hero in an ancient age. When grasped, a strange sense of nostalgia washes over you. Take it when going alone would otherwise be dangerous.

Sea-Breeze Boomerang
One-Handed Weapon Yes 20 20 A boomerang said to have been used by a hero who traveled the Great Sea. It smells faintly of salt water.

Boko Club
221/226 Bokoblin Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 4 8 A crude Bokoblin club made to clobber small prey. It's essentially a stick, so its durability is low.

Spiked Boko Club
222/227 Bokoblin Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 12 14 A reinforced Bokoblin club made to maximize damage. The sharpened bones jabbed into it make it a brutal weapon.

Dragonbone Boko Club
223/228 Bokoblin Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 24 18 This Bokoblin club has been reinforced with fossilized bones to maximize clobbering potential. Only the brawniest of Bokoblins can manage its immense weight.

Lizal Boomerang
224/229 Lizalfos Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 14 17 A curved sword favored by the Lizalfos. It can be used to attack directly or can be thrown like a boomerang.

Lizal Forked Boomerang
225/230 Lizalfos Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 24 25 Blue Lizalfos in particular like this weapon. It has one more blade than the Lizal boomerang to give it additional cutting power, and it still returns when thrown.

Lizal Tri-Boomerang
226/231 Lizalfos Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 36 27 More blades means more attack power! It can be used as a boomerang, but all those blades makes that a bit more dangerous. Carried by Black Lizalfos seasoned in battle.

Guardian Sword
227/232 Guardian Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 20 17 A sword often wielded by Guardian Scouts. Its blue energy blade is a product of ancient technology. It's not very durable.

Guardian Sword+
228/233 Guardian Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 30 26 This Guardian sword has enhanced power over the standard model. Its cutting capabilities are improved, and its durability has seen a slight uptick.

Guardian Sword++
229/234 Guardian Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 40 32 The abilities of this Guardian sword have been boosted to the maximum, as evidenced by its increase in size. It slices through armor like a hot knife through butter!

Lynel Sword
230/235 Lynel Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 24 26 This Lynel-made sword was designed with smashing in mind rather than slicing. It's on the heavy side compared to what Hylians are used to, but it's very strong.

Mighty Lynel Sword
231/236 Lynel Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 36 32 This Lynel-made sword boasts more blades and more attack power. A skilled Lynel can draw this sword simply in passing and still cut a foe in two.

Savage Lynel Sword
232/237 Lynel Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 58 41 A brutal sword carried by white-haired Lynels. The savage blades are strong enough to cut down any foe, no matter how strong.

Fire Rod
233/238 One-Handed Weapon Yes 5 14 A magical rod that can cast fireballs. The rod will break if it strikes something directly, so use it wisely.

Meteor Rod
234/239 One-Handed Weapon Yes 10 32 A magical rod that can cast three fireballs at once, crafted by an ancient magician. It will break upon running out of magical energy, so make it last!

Ice Rod
235/240 One-Handed Weapon Yes 5 14 A magical rod crafted from refined ice found in the Hebra Mountains. This rod can cast waves of freezing air. Great for magic—not so great for melee.

Blizzard Rod
236/241 One-Handed Weapon Yes 10 32 A magical rod that can cast extreme cold in a wide range. These are crafted from refined ice found at the summit of Hebra Peak. It will break when depleted.

Lightning Rod
237/242 One-Handed Weapon Yes 5 14 A magical rod that can shoot balls of electricity. Its gem contains lightning from the Hyrule Hills. It's not recommended to use as a melee weapon.

Thunderstorm Rod
238/243 One-Handed Weapon Yes 10 32 A magical rod that can hurl three balls of electricity at once. Its gem contains electricity from the Hyrule Hills, and the rod will break when that electricity runs out.

Vicious Sickle
239/244 Yiga Clan Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 16 14 A grim weapon favored by the Yiga. The half-moon shape of the blade allows for the rapid delivery of fatal wounds and serves as a symbol of their terror. Its durability is low.

Demon Carver
240/245 Yiga Clan Gear One-Handed Weapon Yes 40 25 This lethal weapon is forged by the Yiga. Its unique shape facilitates the sound dispatching of any target and strikes fear into the hearts of all who see it.

Bokoblin Arm
241/246 One-Handed Weapon Yes 5 5 A skeletal arm that keeps moving even after it's severed from its body. It's kind of gross to strap it to your back, but it'll do in a pinch. It's old and fragile, so it's quick to break.

Lizalfos Arm
242/247 One-Handed Weapon Yes 12 8 The arm of a Stalizalfos that continues to struggle even in death. It can be used as a weapon, but it's very brittle. You can feel it wiggling when you strap it to your back...

Korok Leaf
243/248 Two-Handed Weapon No 1 25 A single swing of this giant, sturdy leaf can create a gust of wind strong enough to blow away light objects.

Farming Hoe
244/249 Daily Use Goods Two-Handed Weapon No 16 6 A farming tool primarily used for tilling fields. Its fine craftsmanship is sturdy enough to withstand backbreaking fieldwork, but its battle applications are untested.

Boat Oar
245/250 Daily Use Goods Two-Handed Weapon No 14 8 Made for paddling boats, but it was made sturdy enough to fight strong currents. Maybe it's useful for self-defense in a pinch.

Woodcutter's Axe
246/251 Two-Handed Weapon No 3 47 A woodcutter's tool of choice for felling trees. Its formidable weight and uneven balancing make it a slow, inefficient weapon.

Double Axe
247/252 Two-Handed Weapon No 18 52 This double-sided axe was designed with fighting in mind. It's a bit unwieldy, so it requires a well-practiced technique to use efficiently.

Iron Sledgehammer
248/253 Hammer Two-Handed Weapon No 12 40 This large iron sledgehammer was originally used for mining, but it works reasonably well as a weapon too.

Giant Boomerang
249/254 Boomerang Two-Handed Weapon No 25 40 This massive boomerang requires two hands. Originally used for hunting, it was modified for use as a weapon. The blades on the inner curves make it a bit tricky to wield.

Traveler's Claymore
250/255 Traveler's Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 10 20 A basic two-handed sword often wielded by aspiring adventurers. Its immense weight can knock enemies' shields right out of their hands.

Soldier's Claymore
251/256 Soldier's Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 20 25 A two-handed sword designed for combat. It's heavy and hard to use but has decent build quality and durability.

Knight's Claymore
252/257 Knight's Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 38 30 Only the most confident of Hyrule Castle's knights carried this two-handed sword. Its cutting edge is finely honed.

Royal Claymore
253/258 Royal Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 52 40 A two-handed sword issued to the Hyrulean royal family's immediate guard detail. Its powerful strikes are said to crush an opponent's body and resolve alike.

Silver Longsword
254/259 Zora Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 22 30 Although the Zora prefer spears to swords, they made this two-handed weapon using a special metal. It found popularity among Hylians for its unique design.

Cobble Crusher
255/260 Goron Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 15 30 A Goron-made two-handed weapon. It's made from thick, hard metal and has no cutting edge, so it relies on its sheer weight to crush all opponents.

Stone Smasher
256/261 Goron Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 42 40 A two-handed weapon forged from a rare metal mined in Goron City. Its center of gravity is at its tip, so it uses centrifugal force and its sheer weight to smash opponents flat.

Boulder Breaker
257/262 Goron Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 60 60 This two-handed weapon was once wielded by the Goron Champion Daruk. Daruk made swinging it around look easy, but a Hylian would need an immense amount of strength.

Golden Claymore
258/263 Gerudo Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 28 30 Only the most talented Gerudo sword fighters carry this two-handed sword. It's actually much lighter than it appears and is surprisingly easy to wield.

Eightfold Longblade
259/264 Sheikah Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 32 25 A single-edged sword seldom seen in Hyrule. This weapon is passed down through the Sheikah tribe and has an astonishingly sharp edge ideal for slicing.

Edge of Duality
260/265 Sheikah Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 50 35 A curious double-edged sword crafted using Sheikah technology. It was originally made for Hyrulean knights unfamiliar with single-edged blades.

Ancient Bladesaw
261/266 Ancient Soldier Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 55 50 This two-handed sword was forged using ancient Sheikah technology. Its unique rotating blades give it impressive cutting power that will slice enemies to shreds.

Rusty Claymore
262/267 Two-Handed Weapon No 12 10 A two-handed sword not properly cared for. Although it can be used as a weapon, its durability is very low. Don't expect it to last for more than a few strikes.

Royal Guard's Claymore
263/268 Royal Guard's Series Two-Handed Weapon No 72 15 The Sheikah used the very essence of ancient technology to forge this greatsword. It was designed to oppose the Calamity, but its low durability made it impractical in battle.

Great Flameblade
264/269 Magic Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 34 50 This magic-infused greatsword was forged in the fires of Death Mountain by Goron smiths in an ancient age. Attack when the blade glows red to expel flames.

Great Frostblade
265/270 Magic Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 30 40 This magic-infused greatsword was forged by smelting ore found in the Hebra Mountains' permafrost. Attack when the blade glows blue to expel freezing air.

Great Thunderblade
266/271 Magic Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 32 50 This magic-infused greatsword was forged by the Hyrulean royal family using lightning from the Hyrule Hills. Attack when the blade glows golden to expel lightning.

Sword of the Six Sages
Two-Handed Weapon No 48 50 The Six Sages are said to have forged this longsword to seal a demon king in the world where the hero fought against the beasts of twilight. The blade shines with a holy luster.

Biggoron's Sword
Two-Handed Weapon No 50 60 A legendary greatsword forged by a Goron craftsman for a hero who traveled through time. The exceptionally sharp cutting edge is a testament to the craftsman's mastery.

Fierce Deity Sword
Two-Handed Weapon No 60 35 A peculiar greatsword allegedly used by a hero from a world in which the moon threatened to fall. It slashes wildly in battle as if possessed by a fierce deity.

Boko Bat
267/272 Bokoblin Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 6 12 A clunky club made by a Bokoblin. If you swing it at an enemy's shield, it may be able to knock the shield out of your foe's hand.

Spiked Boko Bat
268/273 Bokoblin Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 18 12 After much consideration by Bokoblins on how to improve the Boko bat, they simply attached sharp spikes to it. A skilled fighter can cause immense damage with this.

Dragonbone Boko Bat
269/274 Bokoblin Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 36 16 Used by only the toughest Bokoblin warriors, this Boko bat has been fortified by fossilized bone. It boasts a high durability and is strong enough to beat down powerful foes.

Moblin Club
270/275 Moblin Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 9 12 A crudely fashioned club favored by Moblins. It's carved from a sturdy tree but is sloppily made, so it breaks easily.

Spiked Moblin Club
271/276 Moblin Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 27 18 Animal bone has been affixed to this Moblin club to greatly improve its damage.

Dragonbone Moblin Club
272/277 Moblin Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 45 24 The bone of an ancient beast has been affixed to this Moblin club, further increasing its damage. Moblins carrying these in battle are particularly dangerous.

Ancient Battle Axe
273/278 Guardian Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 30 15 A weapon used by Guardian Scouts. Its unique blade was forged using ancient technology. Although powerful, its unusual shape causes it to break easily.

Ancient Battle Axe+
274/279 Guardian Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 45 20 This ancient battle axe's damage output has been increased to maximum. It's sharp enough to cut through almost anything, so it may have been used to forge new routes.

Ancient Battle Axe++
275/280 Guardian Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 60 25 This ancient battle axe's damage output is scaled up to peak performance. Ancient technology makes it possible to enhance cutting power beyond metal weapons' limits.

Lynel Crusher
276/281 Lynel Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 36 20 This two-handed weapon is favored by the Lynels. It may be more accurate to call it a lump of metal than a weapon, but if wielded by a Lynel, it can pound you into a fine dust.

Mighty Lynel Crusher
277/282 Lynel Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 54 25 This Lynel-made two-handed weapon has been reinforced to increase its durability and striking power. Its overwhelming heft will crush your foe, shield and all.

Savage Lynel Crusher
278/283 Lynel Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 78 35 This Lynel-made two-handed weapon is immensely heavy thanks to a rare metal from Death Mountain's peak. The power of its downward swing is in a class all its own.

279/284 Yiga Clan Gear Two-Handed Weapon No 40 25 This sword is favored by high-ranking members of the Yiga. When wielded by a proficient fighter, its unique shape cleaves the very wind and creates a vacuum.

Moblin Arm
280/285 Two-Handed Weapon No 15 5 A Moblin bone that continues to move even after being detached from its body. The bone is thick enough to be used as a weapon but is extremely brittle and easily broken.

Wooden Mop
281/286 Daily Use Goods Spear No 5 8 Just a mop to the untrained eye, it excels at tidying up the place. But it owes its sturdy construction to a true craftsman, so it actually has some combat merit.

Farmer's Pitchfork
282/287 Spear No 7 12 A farming tool used to collect hay efficiently. It's light enough to be used by anyone. The four prongs are very sharp.

Fishing Harpoon
283/288 Spear No 8 12 A fisherman's tool that excels at catching large fish. Its particularly sharp spearhead makes it valuable as a weapon as well.

Throwing Spear
284/289 Spear No 6 20 A specialized spear weighted to excel as a throwing weapon. It's perfectly balanced to be thrown farther than your average spear, able to pierce targets from a great distance.

Traveler's Spear
285/290 Traveler's Gear Spear No 3 30 A spear used mainly by travelers to fend off wolves and other beasts. It's easy to hold and simple to use.

Soldier's Spear
286/291 Soldier's Gear Spear No 7 35 A long spear once used by the guards of Hyrule Castle. Easy to use but difficult to master. The iron tip is very sturdy and the shaft will not burn when exposed to flame.

Knight's Halberd
287/292 Knight's Gear Spear No 13 40 A spear used by knights adept in mounted combat. The spearhead is modeled after an axe.

Royal Halberd
288/293 Royal Gear Spear No 26 50 This spear was issued to the knights who guarded Hyrule Castle's throne room. Its ornate design was applied by a craftsman in service to the royal family.

Forest Dweller's Spear
289/294 Forest Dweller's Gear Spear No 11 35 The Koroks made this spear for Hylians. The shaft is made from a light, sturdy wood, offering ease of use. The spearhead is made from a much harder wood, offering strength.

Zora Spear
290/295 Zora Gear Spear No 9 40 This spear is a Zora's weapon of choice. It's lighter than it looks due to being made from a special metal and is used by the Zora for both fishing and protecting their domain.

Silverscale Spear
291/296 Zora Gear Spear No 12 40 The most skilled Zora fighters wield this spear. Its beautiful fish-tail design belies its impressive strength; the spearhead can pierce even the toughest scales.

Ceremonial Trident
292/297 Zora Gear Spear No 14 40 A spear modeled after the Lightscale Trident wielded by the Zora Champion Mipha. They may be identical in appearance, but this spear's strength and durability are inferior.

Lightscale Trident
293/298 Zora Gear Spear No 22 70 A spear of peerless grace cherished by the Zora Champion Mipha. Although Mipha specialized in healing abilities, her spearmanship was in a class all its own.

294/299 Goron Gear Spear No 14 50 Goron artisans used recycled metal to forge this weapon. The tip is made from an old excavation bore, which affords it unmatched piercing capabilities.

Feathered Spear
295/300 Rito Gear Spear No 10 35 Its lightweight design is a hallmark of Rito craftsmanship. It's made from light and sturdy materials, which afford Rito warriors ease of use during aerial combat.

Gerudo Spear
296/301 Gerudo Gear Spear No 16 35 This spear's center of gravity is in its tip, making it a bit unwieldy for the average fighter. But in the hands of a skilled Gerudo warrior, it's a weapon of reliable strength.

Serpentine Spear
297/302 Sheikah Gear Spear No 12 35 The spearhead of this weapon is uniquely Sheikah in design. Spear masters of the Sheikah tribe can use the crescent shape to snag their opponents and deliver brutal cuts.

Ancient Spear
298/303 Ancient Soldier Gear Spear No 30 50 This spear is the result of countless hours of research into the ancient technology used by Guardians. The glowing spearhead has high piercing potential.

Rusty Halberd
299/304 Rusty Gear Spear No 5 15 A rusty polearm likely used by knights from an age past. The spearhead is in bad shape due to prolonged exposure to the elements, so its durability is low.

Royal Guard's Spear
300/305 Royal Guard's Series Spear No 32 15 This Sheikah-made spear was created using ancient technology to combat the Calamity. Its attack power is very high, but a critical design flaw left it with poor durability.

301/306 Magic Gear Spear No 24 50 A magical spear forged in the magma of Death Mountain. Attack when the blade glows to expel powerful flames.

302/307 Magic Gear Spear No 20 40 A magical spear forged from ancient ice taken from the Hebra Mountains. Attack when the blade glows blue to chill the air and freeze your foe.

303/308 Magic Gear Spear No 22 50 A magical spear that contains thunder from Thundra Plateau in its tip. Attack when the blade glows with a golden light to unleash an electrical attack.

Boko Spear
304/309 Bokoblin Gear Spear No 2 12 A spear recklessly carved from a tree branch. Useful for skewering fish and meat, which can then be cooked over a flame. If it's close to breaking, consider throwing it.

Spiked Boko Spear
305/310 Bokoblin Gear Spear No 6 15 A Boko spear enhanced with sharpened animal bones. It's light, easy to use, and deals a decent amount of damage.

Dragonbone Boko Spear
306/311 Bokoblin Gear Spear No 12 20 This Boko spear has been strengthened with fossilized bones. The bones are positioned outward so the fangs bite at the opponent. Beware Bokoblins carrying this weapon.

Moblin Spear
307/312 Moblin Gear Spear No 4 15 This wooden spear is most often used by Moblins. It's made from a hastily whittled tree, so its stabbing power and durability are both pretty low.

Spiked Moblin Spear
308/313 Moblin Gear Spear No 9 20 This Moblin-made spear uses a horned animal bone as the spearhead. Like many Moblin weapons it's sloppily made, but this one packs some respectable piercing power.

Dragonbone Moblin Spear
309/314 Moblin Gear Spear No 15 25 This spear is a fan favorite among Moblins. The spearhead is made from fossilized bones adorned with spikes, which greatly increases its stabbing power.

Lizal Spear
310/315 Lizalfos Gear Spear No 7 18 The brutal, ripping edge of this weapon’s spearhead is a distinctly Lizalfos design. Its low durability doesn’t lend itself to extended use.

Enhanced Lizal Spear
311/316 Lizalfos Gear Spear No 12 22 Judging by the harpoon-like spearhead of this Lizalfos-made spear, the Lizalfos use it for fishing as well as combat. Try not to get caught on the wrong end of its barbs.

Forked Lizal Spear
312/317 Lizalfos Gear Spear No 18 28 Skilled Lizalfos warriors tend to favor this spear. What it lacks in piercing power, it makes up for with the brutal wounds its dual ripping blades will inflict.

Guardian Spear
313/318 Guardian Gear Spear No 10 20 Wielded by Guardian Scouts, this spear has a high piercing power and is a testament to the Sheikah's high level of technology. the spearhead appears only when brandished.

Guardian Spear+
314/319 Guardian Gear Spear No 15 25 The tip of this Guardian spear has been enlarged and strengthened. It's a bit shorter than your average spear, perhaps to facilitate use in tight spaces.

Guardian Spear++
315/320 Guardian Gear Spear No 20 35 This Guardian spear's output has been boosted to the maximum. The spearhead is designed for optimal stabbing, capable of easily piercing most armor.

Lynel Spear
316/321 Lynel Gear Spear No 14 25 The crescent-shaped spearhead of this Lynel-made weapon gives it poor balance, making it difficult to wield. Lynels, however, can swing it effectively with a single hand.

Mighty Lynel Spear
317/322 Lynel Gear Spear No 20 35 The weight and cutting edge of this Lynel-made spear have both been enhanced. It's immensely heavy for a Hylian, but a Lynel can cleave through rock with a single swing.

Savage Lynel Spear
318/323 Lynel Gear Spear No 30 45 White-haired Lynels favor this brutal spear. Its axe-like spearhead and exceptional weight give it absolute destructive power.