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The Hawa Koth Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name The Current Solution,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Hawa Koth Shrine is located in the Gerudo Great Skeleton in the southwest portion of the Gerudo Desert. When Link enters the Ancient Shrine, the Monk Hawa Koth can be heard presenting the Trial.[2]

Themes and Navigation

Hawa Koth Shrine begins with a simple Electric conductivity puzzle. Link must use the Magnesis Rune to position the two metal cubes in the room so that the green power source is conducting power to the Switch across from it. This can be done by simply placing one cube on each side of the two small pillars that separate the Switch and the power source. This opens the door to the next room, where Link finds another power source. A metal ball is chained to the power source and conducts its power, but it is wrapped around a pillar. Link must use Magnesis to unravel the chain and place it by the nearby Switch to activate a moving platform.

The platform will take Link to a long, skinny pathway across the room with many Switches on it. Link will encounter three Guardian Scouts I on the pathway, which will attack when he approaches them. Link can also find a Treasure Chest containing an Ancient Core in the Water below, and it can be brought to the surface with Magnesis.

Before progressing across the pathway, Link must pick up the Electrically charged metal sphere with Magnesis and be careful not to charge any of the Switches along the way. If one of the Switches is activated, it will cause the platforms of the pathway to shift angles and drop Link down below. While crossing, Link can place the sphere high up into a circular slot near a Switch, which will open the way into a hidden room with a Treasure Chest containing a Gold Rupee.

After making it across the pathway successfully, Link can place the sphere on a circular slot near the final room of the Ancient Shrine. However, the door to the final room does not open due to a missing gear from the wall. Link must continue forward to the next room, where he finds a power source and a series of large cubes.

Three of the cubes have Switches on them, all of which must be lined up horizontally in order to conduct the power source's current across to the final Switch. Link must step on the Floor Switch in front of him in order to slide the series of cubes back and forth vertically. He must then use Magnesis to press a sliding metal cube into them at the right moment.

When Link manages place the metal cube in the right spot, the Switch will activate and open a small room behind him. This room contains a Treasure Chest with a Sapphire inside and the gear that he needed to power the final door. Link must grab the gear with Magnesis and place it into its missing spot, which will open the door to the Monk's Pedestal.

Upon approaching Hawa Koth, the Monk rewards Link for his resourcefulness by giving him a Spirit Orb.[3] After this, Hawa Koth will wish Link well before fading away.[4]

Minor Enemies


Names in Other Regions
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Tempel van Hawa Koth[6]Temple of Hawa Koth
Latin America
Santuario de Awak[5]Awak Shrine
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