Level 7 (Ancient Stone Tablets)

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Level 7 is the seventh Dungeon in Ancient Stone Tablets.

Entrance to the Dungeon

Level 7 is located under a grave in the Graveyard east of the Sanctuary. In order to move the grave, the Hero of Light must bash it using the Pegasus Boots.

Themes and Navigation

The Dungeon features several rooms covered with ice. These rooms usually have chasms, traps such as Floor Spike and Medusa, or Enemies such as Hardhat Beetle, used to damage the Hero of Light alongside the slippery floor. Many walls can be blown with Bombs, revealing hidden rooms filled with Treasure Chests containing Rupees. A Thief can also be found selling a Bomb upgrade for 200 Rupees. Kholdstare, the Dungeon's Boss, is covered in ice that must be melt with the Fire Rod. Once defeated, it drops a Heart Container, followed by a Stone Tablet.

Minor Enemies and Traps