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Lake Hylia is a recurring Stage in The Legend of Zelda series.(FSA | HW)[1][name references needed]


Four Swords Adventures

Lake Hylia is the first stage in the Whereabouts of the Wind. After being flung away by the twister created by Vaati in the Four Sword Sanctuary, the Links find themselves in a small field near Lake Hylia, stirred awake by the voice of Kaepora Gaebora. The owl explains to them that before they face Vaati, they must find and rescue Princess Zelda and the six Maidens first; by doing so, they will surely find Vaati. He tells them that their Four Sword at present is weak, but can have its power restored by collecting and infusing it with Force Gems. He bids them good luck, and says they will meet again soon.

Unlike in the other games where Lake Hylia is a singular lake, Lake Hylia appears as a series of small lakes connected by rivers. It is located in the eastern portion of Hyrule, and consists of mainly grassy areas, caves, rivers, and mountainside waterfalls where rainbows form in the light of the sun. As the first stage in the game, Lake Hylia features basic enemies and obstacles that serves to introduce controls, maneuvering and basic team-coordination skills. Close to the field where the Links awaken, they find a house belonging to the Formation Old-Timer who spends his days teaching his grandchildren Formations, and offers to give the Links a quick lesson as well.

Among the enemies encountered in this stage include resident Octoroks and Zoras, as well as Shadow Link, who had locked an old woman inside her house.[2] Also encountered are enemy Soldiers, who are under the control of Vaati and patrol the grounds close to the lake's bridge. Underneath this bridge, the Links find Tingle trapped beneath a large rock. Tingle thanks them for saving him, and explains that he is on the look-out for Force Gems as well, believing that he will become a Fairy if he collects enough. He believes that the Links must also be looking for Force Gems for the same reason, and insists that they all share the Force Gems they find equally. From there on, Tingle will appear at certain points throughout the game hoping to take large Force Gems for himself, which the Links must race against him for.

After swimming through the lake's rivers and maneuvering through its caves, the Links eventually arrive to the wooden bridge, where they fight the Soldiers patrolling the area. They then shortly fight their commander, a Chief Soldier, at the lakeside's end. At the very end of the stage, the Links find dark barriers blocking the entrance to the next stage, the Cave of No Return, which Kaepora Gaebora explains can only be dispelled with the powered up Four Sword.

Items Obtained in this Area

Minor Enemies

  1. These Enemies cannot be fought as they only appear swimming in flooded caverns that the Links cannot enter.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Lake Hylia contains the Scenarios "The Water Temple" and "Powers Collide", the second Scenarios in the Ocarina of Time and Linkle's Tale arcs, respectively.

It is separated into two halves: the northern half is Lake Hylia itself, and the southern half is the Water Temple. Pieces of Zora's Domain in its frozen state appear in the Lake Hylia portion of the stage.


The Water Temple

After rescuing Princess Ruto atop the Death Mountain summit from a brainwashed Darunia, Impa and Sheik learn that the Gate of Souls located inside the Water Temple is teeming with monsters apparently being led by Zelda. The Hyrulean Forces, now joined by the Princess of Zoras and the Goron chieftain, venture to Lake Hylia to investigate Zelda's apparent change of heart.[3]

As the Hyrulean Forces arrive at Zora's Domain, Princess Zelda orders her minions to attack them.[4] The allies, however, use the domain's frozen waterfall to attack from the rear and surprise the Dark Forces, lowering their morale.[5] They soon discover that Ruto is being attacked by a group of monsters, and they quickly rush to help her since she is the only one who knows how to gain entrance to the Water Temple, where Zelda and the Gate of Souls are.[6][7] After rescuing the Zora Princess from a group of Lizalfos, she heads to the Lakeside Keep to open the floodgates and thus reveal the entrance to the Water Temple.[8]

Using her position as the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda harshly and continually urges the Hyrulean soldiers to cease their attack and instead follow her "royal command." This causes conflicting thoughts within the army and lowers their morale; Impa realizes that this Zelda is an impostor and repeatedly urges the Hyrulean Forces not to listen.[9][10][11] In light of this, Ruto suggests that they use the Lens of Truth, somewhere within the Water Temple, to reveal the identity of the fake Zelda. While the Hyrulean Forces advance to the inside of the temple, the Zora Princess goes underwater to search for the relic.[12] Ruto easily infiltrates the temple from underneath and finds the Lens of Truth, but Zelda closes the hall and imprisons her before she can rejoin her allies.[13][14] Ruto, seeking help from the Hyrulean Forces, instructs them to open the floodgates inside the temple in order to free her.[15] Pulling the two Floodgate Switches found in the Southeast and Southwest Room of the temple recedes the water from the Central Hall, allowing the allies to rescue the Zora Princess from within. She hands over the Lens of Truth to Sheik before she retreats from the battlefield.

The newly-acquired relic reveals the room where the impostor and the Gate of Souls are located, and the Hyrulean Forces quickly engage in combat with the false Zelda. Angered, the fake Princess of Hyrule summons King Dodongo to the battlefield to use as a distraction,[16] but Sheik and Impa manage to defeat the impostor before any grave damage is done. Sheik then holds the Lens of Truth toward Zelda, revealing Wizzro as the impostor. As Wizzro expresses his surprise at how they managed to see through his disguise, Sheik states that the wizard could not have been Zelda before twirling around in a flash of light and revealing her own true identity: Princess Zelda.[17][18] Impa is overjoyed at the sight of the princess alive,[19] with Zelda apologizing for not having told her before.[20] After Wizzro escapes, the real Princess of Hyrule and her top general combine their powers to close the Gate of Souls, stemming the flow of monsters from the era of the Hero of Time.[21]

After the Scenario finishes, Zelda becomes a playable character and her weapon, the Polished Rapier, becomes available for use.

Hyrulean Forces Zelda's Forces



Goron Captains

Big Poes



Stalchild Captains

Stalchild Summoners




King Dodongo



Powers Collide

Lake Hylia in "Powers Collide"

"Powers Collide" takes place after the events of "The Water Temple", after Zelda and Impa leave to rejoin Link at the Temple of the Sacred Sword. In their absence, Volga launches an attack on Ruto and Darunia, who stayed behind to watch over Lake Hylia.[22]

Shortly after the battle begins, Darunia's Forces retreat into the Water Temple as Darunia seals the door to it, accidentally breaking the door.[23] Meanwhile, he leaves them to fight Volga alone. Ruto pleads to Linkle to find a way to help Darunia, as it's too dangerous for him alone to handle. Linkle is directed to the Water Temple's entrance to find a way to join Darunia.[24] Goron Engineers appear, offering to fix the door while tasking Linkle with the duty of escorting them.[25]

Upon aiding all three Engineers, they join forces to open the front gate, allowing Linkle to come to Darunia's side. Afterwards, the Lizalfos and Dinolfos Chieftains direct a portion of the Enemy Forces to the Temple East Gate, forcing it open. Guided by Dinolfos, they rush toward the Allied Base in an attempt to overwhelm Darunia's Forces and quickly end the battle. If the Dinolfos are defeated, the assault will be squandered allowing Darunia's Forces to continue their advance.

Defeating the Lizalfos dotted along Lake Hylia will force the Lizalfos and Dinolfos Chieftains to open a number of Keeps controlled by the Dark Forces as a last-ditch effort to defeat the Allied Forces,[26][27] including the Temple Face Keep where they were hiding. They will race toward the Allied Base, attempting to capture it unless intercepted, while Darunia rushes Volga's position in the Enemy Base at the King's Hall Keep. Defeating both Chieftans will halt all enemy advances, allowing Darunia's Forces to sweep all enemy strongholds.

After escorting Darunia's Forces to the Enemy Base, Darunia challenges Volga directly.[28] Accepting, Volga opens the Enemy Base, initiating confrontation.[29] Upon his defeat, Volga calls for his troops to retreat, ending the battle.[30] Afterwards, Linkle notes that compass glows again as it had in "The Girl in the Green Tunic" before leaving once more to find Hyrule Castle.[31]

Goron Forces Dark Forces




Bokoblin Captains

Goron Captains


Dinolfos Chieftain


Lizalfos Chieftain






Item Location Condition
The Water Temple

Gold Skulltula
North of the Temple Face Keep behind a set of vines. Defeat 1000 enemies.

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Atop the waterfall cliff in the northernmost portion of the Stage. As Impa equipped with the Giant Blade, defeat King Dodongo within three minutes of him appearing while keeping Sheik safe.

Piece of Heart
East Room. Play as Sheik, capture the East Room.

Heart Container
Beneath a boulder in the eastern portion of Central Hall. Play as Darunia.
Powers Collide

Gold Skulltula
North of the Temple Face Keep. Defeat 1000 enemies.

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Northwest from the Temple Face Keep behind a wall of vines. As Linkle, open the Enemy Base before either Darunia or the Allied Base become endangered.

Piece of Heart
Lakeside Keep. Play as Linkle.

Heart Container
East of Cliffside Keep. Play as Ruto.


Names in Other Regions
Rive du lac Hylia (HWDE)[33]Shore of lake Hylia
The French Republic
Bord du lac Hylia (HWDE)[32]Lakeside Hylia
The Federal Republic of Germany
Hylia-See (HWDE)Lake Hylia
The Italian Republic
Lago Hylia (HWDE)Hylia Lake
Latin America
Lago Hylia (HWDE)Lake Hylia
The Kingdom of Spain
Lago de Hylia (HWDE)Hylia Lake
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